Introduction to Acrylic Sheet - Features, Classification And Technology

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Introduction to Acrylic Sheet - Features, Classification And Technology

Acrylic sheet is a kind of organic glass that has been specially treated. It can be endowed with different colors by screen printing. In a way, acrylic sheet is an upgrade product of organic glass.


You must have seen some light boxes made by this good material. It owns good light transmission. The pretty and flat product has a long service life. Acrylic sheets can also be perfectly combined with aluminum-plastic sheets and advanced screen printing to meet business needs. In general, acrylic sheet is the good raw material in many fields.


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1. Advantages of Acrylic Sheet


· Good plasticity


Acrylic sheet can be easily processed into other special products, such as glass, partitions, bathtubs, etc.


· Good transparency


It is a colorless and transparent organic glass plate. The light transmittance has reached more than 92%. It's transparency is more than 10% higher than ordinary glass. Acrylic sheet has a crystal-like texture and luster. As a result, ishows a hazy visual beauty.


· Excellent weather resistance


When talking about weather resistance, acrylic sheet is the best. There is nothing comparable. The adaptability to the natural environment is so excellent that even if it is exposed to the sun or wind for a long time, the performance will not change.


· Long service life


The service life is long enough, compared with other material products. In addition, the impact resistance is sixteen times that of ordinary glass.


· Low density


Acrylic is a very light material with a density of only 1.19-1.20, about half of ordinary glass and 43% of metal aluminum.


· Good electrical insulation


It is a very suitable high-frequency insulating material for the radio instrument industry.


2. Disadvantages of Acrylic Sheet


Ordinary acrylic boards are relatively low in heat resistance and extensibility because of the low hardness. They are prone to cracking, brittleness, and deformation. For example, when it is used to make bathtubs, the stretch is large in the bottom. So the color is easy to change.


There is more. Acrylic sheet is a kind of organic material. It contains harmful substances to human body. When using it, it is best not to let it contact the skin directly for a long time. This is important.


3. Classification


Acrylic sheets can be divided into cast sheets and extruded sheets according to the production process. They can be divided into transparent sheets and translucent sheets (including dyed sheets and transparent sheets) according to the light transmittance.


There are impact-resistant sheets, UV-resistant sheets, color sheets (including black and white and color sheets), ordinary sheets and special sheets such as high-impact sheets, flame-retardant sheets, frosted sheets, metal effect sheets, high wear-resistant sheets, guide sheets, etc. according to product performance.


4. Technology


The commonly used molding processes of acrylic in industrial production are casting, injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming, etc.


Casting molding is mainly used for the molding of acrylic sheets, rods and other profiles. The molded products need to be post-processed before they come into service. The cast acrylic sheet has strong rigidity, strength and excellent chemical resistance. It has unparalleled flexibility in color and surface texture.


Extrusion molding is to make acrylic sheets, rods, pipes, sheets, etc. by extruding acrylic pellets produced by suspension polymerization. Acrylic products made by extrusion molding have low molecular weight, weak mechanical properties, low heat resistance and solvent resistance. However, this process has high production efficiency and high product flexibility, which is conducive to bending and thermoforming processing.


5. Acrylic Sheet Is PVC, Or Not?


Acrylic and PVC are two different materials. PVC board is a thing made of PVC as a raw material with a honeycomb mesh structure in section. It is a kind of vacuum blister film, which is used for the surface packaging of various panels. So it is also called decorative film and adhesive film. PVC is used in many fields such as building materials, packaging, and medicine.


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