Introduction of Several Commonly Used Metal Domes

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Nov 13, 202021400

Introduction of Several Commonly Used Metal Domes

Unlike other products, metal domes have a standard size and shape. Metal domes vary in style and size according to product needs. Commonly used metal domes are mainly divided into five types: oval metal domes, triangular metal domes, cross-shaped metal domes, round metal domes, and quadrangular metal domes.


First of all, we will introduce the oval metal domes, because it is shaped like a waist, it is also called the waist metal domes.


Oval metal domes are as follows:

From the three different metal domes above, we can see that they look the same on the outside, all of which are oval in shape, with five contacts on the back and no feet. It is generally used on a single button product or on a product where each button is separated. Since the pressure resistance and strength required for each product button are different, there are several strengths of the oval metal domes.


Triangular metal domes are similar in shape to triangles, so they are called triangle metal domes.


The triangular metal domes are as follows:


The triangular metal domes generally have only one contact in the middle, with one contact on each of the three sides. The purpose is to better fix it at a certain position. The triangular metal domes are divided into with-feet and without-feet. Triangular metal domes with feet are generally used on products with the PCB. Metal domes without feet can be used with double-layer stickers for various products. The use of double-layer stickers can improve the feel.


Cross-shaped metal domes have four feet on the basis of round metal domes, similar to a cross.


The cross-shaped metal domes are as follows:


Cross-shaped metal domes have two types with contact and without contact. The cross-shaped metal domes have a relatively large stroke and has a clear sound during operation. The cross-shaped metal domes without feet can be used together with stickers on products, and are key switches for various children's toys and electronic scales. Cross-shaped metal domes need more force than other types of metal domes, and the stroke is also greater than other metal domes.


The round metal domes are round in shape, as follows:


The round metal domes are generally small with one contact, and large with five contacts. The round metal dome is with a relatively small stroke, and it feels better but without a clear sound. Round metal domes are generally used with double-layer stickers. Nowadays, most smart phones  use round metal domes. The advantage of this selection is that less stroke can get a faster response speed. The shape is better compatible with the use of double-layer stickers, which saves unnecessary space that cannot be supplemented.


The last one is the quadrangular metal domes, which is specially required for the shape and is rarely used with stickers. Nowadays, people are more and more concerned about the feel of the operation, and the number of customers who use the quadrangular metal domes is gradually decreasing. Quadrilateral metal domes generally do not have feet, there is a contact and no contact in the middle, especially the quadrilateral metal domes have a hole in the middle, which can be directly soldered on the PCB.


The surface of the five commonly used metal domes can be tinned, gold-plated, silver-plated, nickel-plated, etc., to increase the surface gloss, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The metal domes are all custom-made products, and there is no fixed shape and size. If the shape, size, strength, service life, and surface treatment are just matched when applied to the product, the cost of mold opening will be saved. Therefore, when setting up the product, engineering designers will consider in advance whether they can use several common metal domes as key switches.


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