In JRPanel, Manual Color Toning Is High-precision Craftsmanship

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Dec 29, 2020900

In JRPanel, Manual Color Toning Is High-precision Craftsmanship

The production of membrane switches requires the participation of the printing process. A screen printing machine is required for printing. The quality of the product printing depends on the printing operation process and the details of the printing. Among them, manual toning is the most important step. Only the precise control of the proportion of each color can produce the color that the customer needs.


Toning is a very knowledgeable craft. There are three main colors. These three colors can decorate the membrane switch perfectly. The three colors are red, yellow, and blue. Other colors can be obtained by mixing any two of these three colors. For example, yellow plus blue to green. When mixing colors with colors, pay attention to thoroughly mixing the inks, so that the inks are thoroughly mixed together to avoid color inconsistency, resulting in incoordination of the membrane switch panel. After the color is adjusted, it needs to be compared. The color and gloss of the sample and the substrate must be consistent, and the printing parameters must be consistent before printing.


In printing, the main color should be added first, followed by the secondary color. According to the principle of starting from lighter to darker, that is, white, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, cyan, green, and black, and then darken light tones and light dark tones. Pay attention to the color change during the toning process, and also pay attention to the environment.


During the printing process, pay attention to keeping records and proofing numbers for easy adjustment and selection. 


It should be noted that since the whole process of toning is done manually, the final color cannot be exactly the same as the required color. What can be done is to get as close as possible to the required colors.


The colorists of JRPanel have twenty years of color grading experience, and the colors produced are close to 90% of the required colors.

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