How to Troubleshoot A Damaged Membrane Switch

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Nov 9, 20233600

How to Troubleshoot A Damaged Membrane Switch

When the membrane switch fails, it may cause the electronic equipment not working. Here are something about troubleshooting and precaution on how to repair a membrane switch.


1. Safe operation


Before repairing, make sure to unplug the electronic equipment at first. Wait for a while to ensure that the charge in the capacitor has been discharged. This is to avoid the risk of electric shock from touching.


2. Eliminating other faults


Before repairing the membrane switch, you should first eliminate other faults that may increase interference. Check whether the power supply is normal, whether the fuse is blown, and whether the control circuit board is damaged, etc.


3. Find the fault point


The membrane switch is usually located on the control panel of the electronic equipment. Check whether there are stains, dust and other substances around the membrane switch. Sometimes these things cause malfunction.


4. Clean the area of membrane switch


Use an appropriate cleaner or electronic cleaning fluid to clean the membrane switch and surrounding area. Carefully apply the liquid around the panel and buttons. Wipe gently with a clean cloth to remove stains and dust buildup.


5. Check the wiring and connections


Check the connection of the membrane switch. Make sure the wires are securely connected and not loose or damaged. If you find a problem with the wires, try reconnecting or replacing them.


6. Repair or replace the membrane switch


If cleaning and inspection still do not resolve the problem, the membrane switch may need to be repaired or replaced. First, look for visible physical damage, such as breaks or scratches. If it can be fixed, do so on a case-by-case basis. However, if it is severely damaged or beyond repair, it may need to be replaced with a new one.


7. Install a new membrane switch


For the membrane switch that needs to be replaced, choose a new one of the appropriate model and specification. Properly install it to the control panel according to the replacement guidelines. Make sure the fastening screws are secure, and the membrane switch is in the correct position. Reconnect wires as needed, making sure each wire is securely connected and protected with electrical tape.


8. Test


After installing the new membrane switch, turn on the power, and test whether the membrane switch is working properly. Make sure every button works well.


9. Install the electrical enclosure


After confirming that the new membrane switch is working properly, reinstall the electrical enclosure. Make sure every fixing point is tight. Verify that all parts are installed correctly.


Membrane switch repair is not easy. so it is recommended to read the correct repair manual or consult a professional. Also, be careful and stay safe. If you are not familiar with the operation, it is best to seek help from professional technicians.


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