How to Solve the Electric Leakage of Metal Shell in Household Appliances?

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Mar 8, 202115900

How to Solve the Electric Leakage of Metal Shell in Household Appliances?

In household appliances, some high-end product shells are mostly made of metal materials in order to improve the beauty and texture of the products, such as projectors, electric irons, electric ovens, refrigerators, and water purifiers. Moreover, the metal shell has corrosion resistance, rust resistance and high compression resistance, and can also extend the service life of household appliances, so it is widely welcomed by consumers.

However, due to the conductive properties of metal, the aging of internal parts and circuits of home appliances after long-term use may cause leakage. When the human body is in contact with the housing of home appliances, there will be a feeling of being electrified (if someone in your home has used a VCD, then you may have this feeling), and in severe cases, an electric shock may even cause casualties.

In order to prevent the shell of metal home appliances from injuring people with electricity, we need to take corresponding protective measures for home appliances:

1. Grounding Protection

Reliably connect the metal shell with the grounding body (refer to relevant books for the installation of the grounding body). Since ordinary consumers do not have enough professional knowledge, the protective measures for grounding protection will be a little complicated for them. Therefore, it is necessary for household appliances manufacturers to develop and provide a complete service system.

2. Connect with the Neutral Wire

The metal shell of the household appliance is reliably connected with the neutral wire in the power supply line system through the link wire. In this way, if the electrical insulation measures are damaged due to collision, the resistance of the bus is small, and the short-circuit current is large. , It will immediately blow the fuse in the circuit and cut off the power supply to eliminate the risk of leakage and electric shock.

3. Install A Leakage Protector

The leakage protector is a protection device to prevent leakage or electric shock. When the leakage current of the electrical appliance exceeds the rated value, after the leakage protector detects it, the household appliance will trip and cut off the power. JRPanel suggests combine grounding and neutral wire connection measures to form a double insurance against electric shock.

The housings of household appliances are generally insulated. If you encounter power failure, trip failure, etc., it has already indicated that the leakage has been very serious. At this time, do not restart the device easily, but contact the after-sales service for inspection and maintenance.

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