How to Improve the Humanization of Home Appliance Design?

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Jun 17, 202112840

How to Improve the Humanization of Home Appliance Design?

Product design can provide the necessary material foundation for people's life and work. One of the important purposes is to provide people with a more reasonable way of use. The essence of product design is to provide people with personalized design solutions.


People communicate mostly through language. The communication between things and people is carried out through the function and form of things. The current household appliance products are a kind of rationality, which focuses on the design of materials, texture, and vision to narrow the distance between the product and people, making it easier for people to accept the product psychologically.


Humans are perceptual in nature, and cold mechanical design is inappropriate and does not conform to human behavior habits. In order to effectively solve this problem, we can adopt humane and friendly designs to make these products truly a part of life.


Improve the Humanization of Product Design


Further improving the humanization of the machine will be more conducive to human operation. This was first reflected in the design of the computer. After the 1970s, the PC appeared, but its operating system was very complicated, and users often took a long time to learn. In response to the complex operating procedures of these computers, researchers have specially developed a computer operating system that meets the characteristics of ordinary people's applications, which further narrows the distance between humans and machines. Everything about the design of the Macintosh computer is developed around the user. At that time, the mouse was like a big toy, which made people feel more intimate with the machine.


Reduce the Boring Feeling of Product Use


In order to reduce the boring feeling of traditional vacuum cleaners in actual use, experts specially designed remote control vacuum cleaners to make the boring vacuuming work more interesting. If people want to control the vacuum cleaner themselves, they can directly turn off the remote infrared remote control function of the vacuum cleaner, and then it becomes the same as a traditional vacuum cleaner.


Change the Appearance of the Product


Humanized design is not only manifested in the function of the product, but also in the form and appearance of the product. The research on the form and appearance of the product mainly focuses on ergonomics and bionics. Ergonomics is a very profound knowledge that requires in-depth research. Many consumers hope that the design of their products can become a part of their bodies just like the clothes and jewelry they wear. In recent years, the development of bionics has been very rapid, and its application in the design of household appliances has also been increasing. The Japanese have relatively more applications of bionics in product design. They have designed a more novel and reasonable way on the camera to make it look like a part of people's body, instead of just holding it in the hand. 

Humanized design is a human-oriented design concept, which directly focuses on the aesthetics and needs of consumers. People's thoughts and concepts are gradually changing with the continuous development of the times. This requires relevant designers to adjust and update design ideas in time according to the law of design development and change, and change the rigid design style of the past.


The continuous development of the times puts forward higher requirements for the design of household appliances. In view of the current problems in the design of household electrical appliances, we should carefully analyze the causes of the problems, rationally apply the humanized design concept to product design, and continuously improve the level of product design.


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