How to Customize the Shape of the Membrane Switch? ——Introduction to Stamping Process

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How to Customize the Shape of the Membrane Switch? ——Introduction to Stamping Process

Membrane switch stamping process is a metal processing method. It is based on metal plastic deformation. It uses molds and stamping equipment to apply pressure to the sheet to cause plastic deformation or separation of the sheet, thereby obtaining a certain shape, size and Performance parts (stamping parts). It is widely used in automobiles, truck cabs, front sheet metal parts, household appliances, electronic instruments, communications, chemicals, textiles and aerospace, etc. Almost all are made by stamping processing methods.

Membrane Switch Stamping Process Characteristics:

(1) Stamping is a processing method with high production efficiency and low material consumption. The stamping process is suitable for the production of larger batches of parts, which facilitates the realization of mechanization and automation, and effectively improves the production efficiency. At the same time, the stamping production can not only produce less waste and no waste, but also have corners in some cases. The remaining material can also be fully utilized.

(2) The operation process is convenient, and there is no need for the operator to have a higher level of skill.

(3) Stamping can obtain parts with high strength, high rigidity and light weight.

(4) Stamping parts have better interchangeability. The stamping process has good stability, the same batch of stamping parts. It can be used interchangeably without affecting assembly and product performance.

(5) The stamped parts generally do not need to be machined and have high dimensional accuracy.

(6) Since the stamping parts use plates as materials, its surface quality is better, which provides convenient conditions for subsequent surface treatment processes (such as electroplating and painting).

(7) Stamping can produce parts with complex shapes that are difficult to process by other metal processing methods.

(8) The cost of stamping parts produced in batches is low.

The membrane switch stamping process can be divided into five basic processes:

(1) Punching: The punching process (punching, blanking, trimming, slicing, etc.) that separates the sheet metal. The punching process accounts for about 50% to 60% of the entire stamping process.

(2) Bending: the stamping process of bending the sheet metal into a certain angle and shape along the bending line, one of the main processes widely used in production, plastic forming of bending sheet metal, pipe fittings and profiles into a certain angle, curvature and shape method. The bending of metal materials is essentially an elasto-plastic deformation process. After unloading, the workpiece will produce directional elastic recovery deformation, which is called springback. Springback affects the accuracy of the workpiece and is the key technology that must be considered in the bending process.

(3) Deep drawing: Deep drawing, also called drawing or rolling, is a stamping method that turns a flat sheet into an open hollow part. Due to the different geometric characteristics, the location of the deformation zone, the nature of the deformation, the distribution of the deformation, and the stress state and distribution law of each part of the blank have considerable, even essential differences.

(4) Stretching: Tensile force is applied to the sheet by the stretch die, which causes the sheet to produce uneven tensile stress and tensile strain, and then the mating surface of the sheet and the stretch die gradually expands until it completely fits the stretch model surface .

(5) Spinning: It is a metal turning process. During processing, the blank is actively rotated with the spinning die to cause continuous local deformation of the blank to obtain the required hollow revolving parts.

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