How Does JRPanel Guarantee the Color Accuracy of Membrane Panel/Keypad?

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Jun 23, 202118364

How Does JRPanel Guarantee the Color Accuracy of Membrane Panel/Keypad?

The top layer of membrane switch and panel is called graphic layer.

Usually, graphics and texts are printed on graphic layer through screen printing. JRPanel will ensure that the color error between real object and design drawing is under 10%. Then how has JRPanel done it?

There are 4 methods to guarantee the color accuracy.

Firstly, JRPanel accepts 5 color formats:

Pantone Formula Guide

We strongly recommend you apply Pantone Formula Guide, which is the standard color card in print industry. Or you can send us real samples and our colorists would do color modulation.

(Here you can query the Pantone color number:  )

Secondly, JRPanel has purchased a wide variety of inks, covering most common used colors. When needed, the colorist would take a basic ink mixed with other inks to get the ideal color.

wide variety of inks

Thirdly, the colorists of JRPanel have more than 10 years of color modulation and ink mixing. They can accurately control the volume of each inks and finally get the ideal color of ink. No matter solid color or gradient color, we can make it!

color modulation and ink mixing

Fourthly, the engineers of JRPanel will control the ink baking temperature accurately to make sure we get the color effect as expected.

baking temperature

With these 4 steps, the color of your membrane switch/panel is under guarantee of JRPanel!

Some people may have another question: how do I check the color when I receive my keypad or panel?

The answer is to compare the color of real products with pantone card.  Because of the environment, light and other factors, there will be serious error between the actual product and the computer design file. 

That is why sending your samples to us is the best way!


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