How Does JRPanel Gain the Trust of Thousands of Companies?

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How Does JRPanel Gain the Trust of Thousands of Companies?

From industrial equipment such as CNC machine tools and robots to instruments and meters used for testing and analysis, the application fields of membrane switch panels are very wide.


Membrane switch panels and acrylic panels produced by JRPanel have become the common choice of tens of thousands of companies at home and abroad. At present, JRPanel has reached cooperation with many well-known companies at home and abroad, such as Siemens, Midea, CETGC, and Fontile.


What does JRPanel rely on to gain the trust of so many companies?


JRPanel currently mainly provides customized services for membrane switch panels and acrylic panels. We are on the track of the electronics manufacturing industry and realize that the effective realization of user needs is the most fundamental.


The problem in the electronics manufacturing industry is the long process and slow speed. In order to effectively solve the needs of users, JRPanel focuses on all aspects of quotation, production, and delivery. On the premise of ensuring product quality, we attach great importance to the improvement of efficiency.


Market information changes rapidly. As a toB company, JRPanel deeply understands that efficiency is the focus of many B-end users. It is the expectation of JRPanels and JRPanelers to develop products faster and get market feedback faster than others.


How does JRPanel improve production efficiency?


JRPanel is the first to develop an online pricing system for membrane switch panels, which greatly improves the speed when users place orders. We ensure the fairness of each valuation and break the deadlock of "chaotic quotations and blind quotations" in the industry.


Membrane Panel ( Graphic Overlay) Online Quote

Membrane Switch Online Quote

Arcylic Panel Online Quote

In addition to the online pricing system, JRPanel has developed a complete set of EMS, ERP, QMS, and OMS based on big data, business processes, and product production processes. Various measures have been taken to achieve the industry-leading speed of 24-hour shipment of membrane panel prototype and 48-hour shipment of membrane switch prototype.

The improvement of efficiency means the reduction of cost. This creates a competitive advantage for JRPanel, but also for JRPaneler, which is conducive to revitalizing the entire upstream and downstream supply chain and entering a positive cycle.


High-end Materials: JRPanel uses high-end substrates such as GE, Autotex, and optical grade Mitsubishi acrylic, and genuine 3M tape. High-end materials bring better product performance;


Excellent Technology: JRPanel's own factory has senior printing and placement technicians, as well as a strong team of senior engineers, providing membrane switch panel appearance design services, and not disappointing the trust of users every time;


Factory Intelligent Manufacturing: JRPanel developed a system to build an Internet + factory to achieve the unity of speed, efficiency and quality.

In the production process of membrane switch panels, JRPanel uses screen printing technology. We can modulate the colors that customers require in their design drawings. The color difference will be controlled within 10%. We use the following figure to briefly introduce the advantages of Screen Printing and UV Printing.

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In the future, JRPanel will continue to improve product quality and service, and treat every membrane switch panel with heart!

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