How Does JRPanel Assemble Your Membrane Switches? - 2

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Oct 20, 202212084

How Does JRPanel Assemble Your Membrane Switches? - 2

Hi guys, this blog will continue the topic of the last blog, explaining how JRPanel assembles membrane switches.


After dealing with the circuit layer, we turn our focus to the assembly of the graphic overlay (panel layer). We likewise break down the process into the following steps:


1. Visual Inspection: After getting the screen-printed graphic overlay, we first visually inspect it to make sure there are no stains.


2. Applying Film to the Window: This protective film will protect the window from damage during subsequent processes and transportation until the user takes it off by hand by themselves.


3. Punching Positioning Holes: We need to punch positioning holes in this layer to facilitate the subsequent assembly, so as to avoid deviations to the greatest extent possible.


4. Key Embossing: As shown in the picture, we use the positioning holes to place the graphic overlay under the hydraulic press. After pressing, the key area will bulge, usually 0.3-0.5mm high above the surface.


At this moment, all the prerequisite work before assembly has been completed, and the assembly can be formally started.


1. Combining: Combining circuit layer and graphic overlay.


2. Shape Cutting: Cutting out the desired shape by die cutting or laser cutting.


3. Installing Terminal Housing: Install the terminal housing on the end of the cable.


4. Removing Waste and Visual Inspecting: After the unnecessary part is removed, the product is visually inspected to ensure that the silkscreen pattern is clear and complete.


5. Functioning Testing: Conductive and light-up tests will be performed on the assembled product. Then some of the products will be sampled for lifespan testing.


When all the above steps are completed, the membrane switch is assembled. After proper packaging, these membrane switches are ready to be shipped to users.


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