How Can We Dissipate the Heat of High-frequency Transformer? You Must Know These Methods!

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Mar 5, 202120660

How Can We Dissipate the Heat of High-frequency Transformer? You Must Know These Methods!

In the last episod 7 Causes for High-frequency Transformer Heating You Must Be Aware of ! , JRPanel introduced seven reasons that can cause high-frequency transformers to heat up, so how should we effectively dissipate them? Today JRPanel will tell you several effective heat dissipation methods.

1. The iron loss in the internal loss of the high-frequency transformer is basically unchanged, and only the copper loss changes with the change of the operating load. Under normal circumstances, as long as the copper loss and iron loss can be kept equal, the high-frequency transformer will be in the most economical operating condition, and the temperature of the high-frequency transformer will also be within the normal range. 

2. Whether the tap changer is in poor contact can often be judged from the frequent actions of the gas relay with light gas, and it can be determined by sampling for laboratory tests and measuring the DC resistance of the windings.

3. The short circuit between winding turns can be determined by observing whether there is abnormal sound inside the high-frequency transformer and whether the gas relay acts frequently to send out signals, and measuring the DC resistance of the winding with a bridge. We should deal with it in time if we find a short circuit between winding turns. If it is not serious, only need to re-treat the winding-to-turn insulation, and if it is serious, rewind the winding.

4. If there is a lack of oil in the high-frequency transformer, find out the reason for the lack of oil and deal with it. Add the high-frequency transformer oil of the same grade that has passed the withstand voltage test to the appropriate position. If the transformer heat pipe is blocked, the high-frequency transformer should be overhauled, the oil drained, and the core dredged to clear the heat pipe.

5. The most important point is to repair and eliminate the failure of the high-frequency transformer cooling circulation system to make it work normally. If the oil-circulating air-cooled high-frequency transformer is forced to operate for a long time, the heat exchanger will be blocked by debris, and the hot air emitted from the heat exchanger cannot be discharged in time, resulting in an increase in oil temperature. Especially in the hot summer, this situation will be more dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary for the operator to regularly remove the debris on the heat exchanger to ensure that the heat can be discharged in time.


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