From Now On, Enjoy the High-standard IMD Services Brought by JRPanel !

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From Now On, Enjoy the High-standard IMD Services Brought by JRPanel !

IMD refers to in-mold decoration technology, also known as no-paint technology. It is a molding method in which a printed film is placed in a metal mold and the resin for molding is injected into the mold to bond with the film so that the printed film and the resin are combined into a finished product.


IMD-in-mold decoration is a relatively new automated production process that simplifies production steps compared to traditional processes, reducing the use of instruments with a few sets of molds for core processes. The technology has the advantages of saving time and cost, improving quality, increasing the complexity of the pattern, and improving the durability of the product.


Certainly many people are still curious: Has such excellent technology emerged in these years? In fact, IMD technology has long matured. Starting from the early 1990s, the double-layer film interlayer bonding structure has continuously developed into a multi-structured three-dimensional injection molding technology, which has now become a current popular process and is used in various industries. It has broken through the engraved pattern of flat panels and developed into a new trinity of foil film and printed graphics, ink, and resin injection molding.


IMD is a general term for many different subdivision processes, but with injection molding as the fundamental. The customer can develop the desired surface texture according to the molding style. The products produced are stable in shape and size and easy to assemble. Therefore, IMD technology is often used in the panels of automobiles, communications, electronics, instruments, and apparatus, integrating decoration and functionality.



IMD products are scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and have a long service life;


Since the ink is in the middle of the film/sheet and injection molding, the printed graphics will not be damaged by friction or chemical action;


Graphics, logos, and color can be updated at any time without changing molds;

More selective

A variety of graphics, colors, and font designs are available to meet various customization needs.


Since the establishment of the company, JRPanel is committed to building a diversified one-stop industrial customization platform. To provide you with more diversified options, we have introduced IMD technology and equipment, including injection molding machines, automatic screen printers, color printers, automatic dotting machines, laser cutting machines, etc.


From now on,enjoy the high-standard IMD services brought by JRPanel !


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