Four Methods on Improving the Service Life of Screen Printing

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Jan 11, 202119520

Four Methods on Improving the Service Life of Screen Printing

In the manufacturing process of membrane switches and membrane panels, the printing screen plays a vital role. In a certain sense, the quality of the screen printing screen plays a very important role in the quality and production efficiency of membrane switches and membrane panels. In the actual use process, the printing screen has a life span, and to a certain extent, the  printing screen needs to be replaced. Therefore, thinking about how to increase the service life of the printing screen has important practical significance.


The printing screen is a combination of a frame and a screen. The frame is composed of wood or aluminum. The frame structure is not easy to damage and has a long service life. But the wire mesh is woven from polyester or nylon yarns, and then stretched by a stretcher. It will be easily damaged by external force and spikes. Let’ s take four tips to protect our printing screen.


The first point is the damage of the covering ink blade to the printing screen. We all know that the covering ink blade is generally made of aluminum, so we must polish the covering ink blade smoothly, which can be carefully polished with fine sandpaper; The blade does not need to be in contact with the screen. There should be a little gap between the covering ink blade and the screen so that the ink can cover the logo evenly without scratching the screen.


The second point is the damage of the frictioning to the print screen. The frictioning needs to be replaced or polished with a special rubber grinder after use for a period of time. At the same time, both sides can be cut with an oblique slit during use to prevent the sharp corners of the frictioning from scratching the screen. Of course, the longer the service life of a good frictioning, the stronger the corrosion resistance.


The third point is that you can seal the pattern to be printed with transparent glue or kraft paper to protect the screen. Of course, this is only for printing products that are not particularly demanding, and high-precision membrane panel products are not suitable.


The fourth point is the preservation of the printing screen. We should place the screen in a clean and tidy environment, and place it in an orderly manner to avoid indirect damage to the screen screen caused by dust and bumps.


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