Flexibility Requirements In Non-standard Sheet Metal Customization

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Dec 28, 20215640

Flexibility Requirements In Non-standard Sheet Metal Customization

From the market situation, the value chain of the sheet metal industry continues to decline, competition is becoming more intense, and corporate profits are getting lower and lower. This requires us to better understand the production process information and find ways to increase the added value of our products.


The sheet metal market has an increasing demand for small batches and individualization, which puts forward higher requirements for the flexibility and responsiveness of the company's production planning.


Generally speaking, equipment, materials, production technology, etc. are collectively referred to as hard requirements. For the requirements of flexibility, companies should start with management.


The first is the management system for production planning. JRPanel has learned in practice that if an enterprise is only order-oriented and does not consider the actual production status, it is easy to cause difficulties in plan implementation, or even conflicts between plans and production.


The second is to reduce dependence on personnel. Information acquisition should be done through a standardized online system, not just relying on paper documents.


The third is the order response speed, that is, shortening the production information processing time. For non-standard customization of sheet metal, the length of the quotation will affect customer satisfaction.


In the final analysis, although it is non-standard customization, sheet metal processing manufacturers should also achieve independent standardization of business, technology, and production, and each link needs to be coordinated with each other. And this is also the direction where JRPanel's non-standard sheet metal customization is constantly approaching and improving.