Electrostatic Prevention And Membrane Switch

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Electrostatic Prevention And Membrane Switch

Static electricity is a natural phenomenon that can be generated in many ways, such as contact, friction, current flow, etc. The basic process of its generation can be summarized as: contact, charge, transfer, double layer formation, charge separation. Static electricity on equipment or the human body can reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of volts, and often reaches hundreds to thousands of volts under normal operating conditions.


The human body can carry thousands or even tens of thousands of volts of static electricity due to factors such as contact, separation, friction or induction with other objects. Static electricity is the result of a local imbalance of positive and negative charges. It is a kind of electrical energy that is retained in objects and has the characteristics of high potential, low power, small current and short action time.


The main actions of electrical control include static electricity leakage and dissipation, static electricity neutralization, electrostatic shielding and grounding, humidification, etc.


Component breakdown damage caused by electrostatic discharge is the most common and serious electrostatic hazard. It is divided into hard breakdown and soft breakdown. Hard breakdown is a one-time cause of dielectric breakdown, burning or catastrophic failure of components. Soft breakdown is a cause of device performance degradation or parameter index decline.


In the process of producing electrostatically sensitive components and printed circuit boards, anti-static loading boxes, component boxes, turnover boxes and turnover trays must be used to prevent the accumulation of static electricity from causing harm. When packaging, we use anti-static shielding bags, packaging bags, packaging boxes, strips, baskets. They avoid electrostatic damage during transportation.


Components and finished components often come into contact with, separate from equipment, tools. It causes static electricity due to friction. Anti-static cushions, turnover carts, maintenance kits, tools and work chairs (stools) must be used. They discharge static electricity quickly through proper grounding.


Membrane switch and electrostatic prevention


Electronic products often encounter various electromagnetic wave radiation and static interference, such as static electricity generated by friction between dry clothes and the body or hair. As an important electronic component in electronic products that is in direct contact with the human body, to prevent electronic products from being damaged or functioning abnormally, membrane switches must have sufficient anti-static and anti-interference capabilities.


To prevent electrostatic interference of membrane switches, we start with the design and selection of membrane switch materials, whose surfaces are in direct contact with the outside world, and ink coatings behind them, as well as multiple layers of shielding protection.


Another solution is to prevent electrostatic interference from the circuit design of the membrane switch, such as the center position of the product button, edge distance, etc. With many years of design experience, JRPanel engineers provide corresponding design parameters according to the customers' anti-interference requirements to ensure all products are reliable.


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