Don’t Know How to Design? It Doesn't Matter, You Have JRPanel! Leave the Membrane Switch Panel to Us!

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Oct 20, 202117182

Don’t Know How to Design? It Doesn't Matter, You Have JRPanel! Leave the Membrane Switch Panel to Us!

Problems faced by enterprises in the design of membrane switch panels:


(1) Some companies lack sufficient experience in designing membrane switches or membrane panels;


(2) Even if there is a team of designers in the company, the designers may not understand the production process of membrane switch panels;


(3) The company is not clear about what constitutes an appropriate design, and does not understand the optimal solution of the appearance design;


(4) Excellent appearance does not mean excellent usability, and it is difficult to strike a balance between demand and cost.



JRPanel has concentrated on making membrane switches and membrane panels for more than ten years, and we are willing to be one of the solutions to the problem:


providing appearance design services for membrane switch panels.


How Does JRPanel Help to Resolve These Problems:


JRPanel has a professional design team and a rigorous design process. At the same time, JRPanel's own factory has more than ten years of production experience.


The more data accumulated, the more practical the final product. JRPanel uses rich production experience to build a bridge between the enterprise and the end user.


We know the production process and detailed requirements of membrane switch panels, as well as the application scenarios of different types of products.


JRPanel can design the appearance according to the product usage, hole size drawing, button function, logo color, total number of colors, style requirements, etc. provided by the company.


Case Sharing


The figure below is the design requirements of the Smart Lift Table


 Smart Lift Table


The previous design drawing is the preset plan given, and the following design drawing is the final design plan chosen by JRPanel customers.


final design plan


The main color of the membrane panel of the desk is blue with a sense of technology. The refreshing color scheme of white + blue allows users to focus their vision on the operating area, and the graphic icon allows users of lower ages to operate smoothly.


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