Difference between High Frequency Transformer And Low Frequency Transformer

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Difference between High Frequency Transformer And Low Frequency Transformer

The frequency of electricity in daily life is 50Hz, which we call low-frequency alternating current. Transformer that works at this condition is low frequency transformer. Big size and low efficiency are the features. The iron core is stacked with insulated silicon steel sheets, and the primary coil is wound with enameled wire. The primary voltage is proportional to the number of turns.


So, what's the difference between high frequency transformer and low frequency transformer?


Low frequency transformer has another name, DC transformer. Normally, it is used to change voltage, the operating frequency is below 50Hz. The low frequency transformer uses silicon steel sheets with high magnetic permeability to make a core.


High frequency transformer is different from low frequency transformer. It works at high frequencies, and performs energy conversion. As we all know, the frequency of the magnetic field is very high, and vortices will be generated in the silicon steel sheets. Core is another different item. High frequency transformer uses "high-frequency ferrite" as the magnetic core.


Difference in output power between these two transformers leads to the different choice of materials. However, the working principles of them are the same, and they both transmit kinetic energy through electromagnetic induction.


The frequencies of the two transformers are different. High-frequency transformers can only be used in circuits with very high frequencies and the frequency of the excitation source matches the frequency of the transformer.


The applicable scope of low-frequency transformers is opposite. These two cannot be mixed. If the frequency does not match, the high one must not be used.


When talking about working principle, these two are the same. Regardless of the operating frequency, energy is transmitted through electromagnetic induction. High-frequency one can only be used when the frequency is high, and the excitation source frequency matches the frequency of the transformer. The low frequency transformer is opposite. High frequency transformer generally cannot be used if the frequency does not match.


If the transformer transmits a certain amount of energy, the operating frequency is high, transmits energy many times within a certain period of time. It transmits less energy each time, then uses less materials. Therefore, for general high-frequency transformers, there aren't many coil turns. the size can be made very small, and the number of turns of the low frequency transformer coil is relatively large.


The transformer transmits a certain amount of energy. If the output power is very high, the frequency of transmitting energy will increase within a certain period of time. If the transmitted energy decreases, the materials used in the transformer will also decrease, and the structural size of the transformer will also decrease.


After understanding the above things, it‘s not difficult to understand why high frequency transformer has very few coil turns, and the size of the transformer is also small, but low frequency transformer has more coil turns.


If the power of high frequency transformer and low frequency transformer are same, the size of high frequency transformer is very small, only 10% of low frequency transformer. The low frequency transformer must be protected, and the u value must be reduced. It must be made of silicon steel sheets, but the efficiency is not good. A more feasible method is to make the low frequency transformer larger in size to facilitate heat dissipation.


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