Design of Waterproof Membrane Switch

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Jan 11, 20241920

Design of Waterproof Membrane Switch

To make sure that the membrane switch is good, we should do a good job in internal design. The selection of materials comes first. We want waterproof membrane switches for electrical equipment in humid environment. What's the design?


Let's talk about materials of waterproof membrane switches. First of all, the graphic overlay needs to be made of polycarbonate (PC) or polyester (PET) film with good transparency. The thickness is 0.1-0.25mm. There are text, pattern and labels on graphic overlay. There is transparent display window if necessary. These requirements can be achieved by both PC and PET films. Choosing right material is only the first step to achieve waterproofing of membrane switches.


Circuit is next. The circuit layer needs to be made of polyester film with good transparency. The thickness is generally between 0.1 and 0.15mm. It's thinner than graphic overlay. The circuit is printed with conductive ink. When using a matrix type of circuit, the upper circuit only has conductive contacts. It is necessary to apply a layer of waterproof insulating ink on leads, and then stick protective tape. This is a key step for waterproofing.


There are waterproof pressure-sensitive adhesive layers on the top and bottom of the circuit. Although there are air channels connected between the shrapnel holes, they are isolated from the outside world, thus ensuring the integrity of membrane switch and preventing moisture from corroding the interior.


In addition to the circuit, back adhesive is also waterproof. It tightly connects the membrane switch to other equipment. Stickiness is important, and waterproofness is also important. If it is not waterproof, the membrane switch will fall off the instrument when it touches water, causing problems. With such adhesive, it is waterproof from the inside out. The waterproofness starts from all aspects.


What are the features of waterproof membrane switches? Waterproof membrane switch is to coat the conductive circuit with a waterproof insulating layer so that the circuit does not come into direct contact with the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer.


In addition, there are no through holes between the upper and lower circuit surfaces. The interlayer vents are not connected to the outside world. Then it improves the decrease in the insulation resistance of the circuit caused by the moisture absorption of the adhesive layer. It improves the situation of water impregnation into the inside of the circuit. Therefore, there is the advantages of good waterproofness.


In short, the waterproof membrane switch is made of high-performance waterproof materials, allowing the product to work in 95% of humid environments. There is no need to worry about rain at all.


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