Design of Graphic Overlays: Text, Color and Pattern

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May 24, 20232560

Design of Graphic Overlays: Text, Color and Pattern

You may be unfamiliar with graphic overlays. In fact, you can see them everywhere in your daily life. In short, this component is a thin-film panel which integrates text, pattern and logo. They are mainly used for identification and protection. Household appliances such as microwave ovens, washing machines and refrigerators can't work well with graphic overlays. Industrial devices also need them. Let's talk about the design of graphic overlays.


1. Text


Generally speaking, text indicates the function and feature. The text on the graphic overlay also provides the detailed explanation of the item. There are some certain requirements of the text. When the graphic overlay uses discrete elements, the text is marked around the elements. There are not too many external components, we can put the text directly on the function keyboard, so that people can see it clearly, and operate well.


On the other hand, the text on graphic overlay not only serves as a reminder to the operator, but also modifies the appearance of the product. I believe that everyone is unwilling to buy some devices with disorganized text, different font sizes, and various colors. That's not the way to serve comfort.


2. Color


Color is important in the design of graphic overlays. It is necessary to concern about the product features when choosing colors. We make sure that the displayed colors meet human needs. Panels need to go through the printing process. When we choose colors, try to avoid small light-colored text, but dark background colors.


We all know that pure white, yellow, light blue and other light-colored inks have poor hiding power. They also have transparency. When our backing is a dark background color, it causes visual confusion, and it is difficult to clearly identify the problem.


Generally speaking, too many colors are not good. What are disadvantages? Complex processes, high cost, flashy products, which confuse consumers. Let's say this, the color should be simple and elegant. But for the toy panels, colorful ones are popular. They attract attention very well.


3. Pattern


There are people who don't know too much words. So the pattern becomes the best choice for them. The pattern must be vivid in graphic overlay design. They can be remembered well, so that those who cannot read can clearly read it at a glance, rather than we just fabricate a pattern to make people confuse, which leads to wrong operation.


When we design the pattern of graphic overlay for the first time, we provide a concise text description to make it easier for people to accept. When we design many times, we can design a vivid pattern alone , clearly express what you want to explain.

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