Design Suggestions of Membrane Switch Panel Display Windows

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Nov 23, 202023260

Design Suggestions of Membrane Switch Panel Display Windows

When designing a membrane switch panel, we usually need to decide whether to design a window based on whether the machine uses LED or LCD. Today we will talk about some design suggestions for this process.


What is a Membrane Switch Window?


The membrane switch window is a transparent or semi-transparent area on the panel for the user to observe the display of the LED or LCD behind the panel.


The options of the membrane switch window are as follows:


1. Transparent window: a transparent area without any color.

2. Filter window: The area printed with translucent ink, usually red, green or yellow, in order to distinguish the color of light-emitting diodes.

3. Opaque window: The area printed with multiple background colors. Unless the indicator light on the back is illuminated, they are invisible. It is used for indicating legends and graphics.

4. Printed window: The bottom of the window is relatively rough, and the surface is printed with special ink to form a transparent area for the display of light-emitting diodes or liquid crystal displays.


What are the advantages of these kinds of windows?


1. In high-brightness environments, the use of various coatings and forms of windows can enhance the clarity of the display.

2. The use of this window avoids cutting holes on the panel, so as not to affect the appearance and packaging of the panel.

3. The rough surface can facilitate the diffuse reflection of the LED and increase visibility.


What factors need to be considered?


1. Because of the increase in printed coatings, the use of printed windows usually increases the cost of the panel.

2. The window that displays the LCD should be a clear, non-reflective or relatively smooth window.

3. The window displaying the LED should be a clear or filtered window, and this window should be non-reflective.

4. The display should be placed behind the window, close to the window to increase clarity.

5. The special window coating should have anti-scratch properties.



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