Commonly Used Substrates For PCBs

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Nov 11, 202012600

Commonly Used Substrates For PCBs

1. Commonly used substrates for PCBs

Commonly used copper clad laminates include the following parts:

  A, glass fiber cloth

  B, epoxy resin

  C, copper foil

  D, filler

2.  Commonly used PCB chemicals (two acids, two bases and one copper)

  1. Sulfuric acid (content 98%)

  2. Nitric acid (content 68%)

  3. Hydrochloric acid (content 36%)

  4. Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)

  5. Sodium carbonate (soda ash)

  6. Copper sulfate pentahydrate

3. Purity grade of common chemicals

  GR grade (superior grade pure): suitable for precise analysis or scientific research, such as AA machine standard samples, requiring purity ≥99.8%

  AR level (analytical purity): general laboratory analysis, purity ≥99.7%

  CP grade (chemically pure): general industrial/school applications, purity ≥99.5%

  Industrial grade: General industrial applications.

  MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet, which is used by chemical manufacturers and suppliers to clarify the flammability, explosion performance, toxicity and environmental hazards of hazardous chemicals, as well as information on safe use, leakage emergency care, main physical and chemical parameters, laws and regulations Comprehensive documents. 


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