Common Failures And Repair of Membrane Switches

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Common Failures And Repair of Membrane Switches

1. Common Failures


There are two common issues of membrane switches: poor contact and circuit problems. Poor contact will happen in many places.


Here is an example. The connection between the membrane switch and the electronic equipment is loose. That is, the terminal is loose. Poor contact may happen sometimes.


In another condition, the button shrapnel is displaced. Poor contact will also occur. This is the poor contact between the shrapnel and the line contact.


Or, the loose in LED light may cause poor contact. It is the poor contact between the LED and the circuit.


These are all issues that can be repaired. However, when we talk about circuit problems, disconnection, short circuit, cracking, and silver wire falling off, etc. are pain in the head.


The reasons for these problems can be tough. For example, the installation angle is bigger than 25°. The circuit is folded for human reasons. Silver paste is not good in quality, and so on. These issues can't be repaired anymore.


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2. Repair


Membrane switch is a kind of component with anti-environmental resistance. What's that mean? It can resist harsh external environment, such as dust, temperature and moisture. Although it provides powerful performance, there will be failures. So how do I deal with membrane switches that have issues?


First of all, disassemble the membrane switch, and then uncover the upper layer of pressing membrane. Find out the connection position between each button switch point and the circuit board with a multimeter. We do these things to ensure that the modified switch connection point corresponds to the original one.


Tap a hole on the metal plate with a positioning cone at each switch point of the base film. The size of the perforated hole is slightly larger than the actual size of the emblem-type switch according to the pin, so as to ensure the pin of the emblem-type switch to be in the hole. It is advisable to move up and down without being hindered. If the hole is too small, it affects the elastic effect of the component and causes the problem.


Compare the distance of each small hole of the golden moon plate. Fix the emblem switch on the printing plate, and get the connecting wires done according to the connecting points corresponding to each switch.


At the same time, reserve the corresponding printed board edge to fix the switch board according to the actual space between the metal plate and the display board.


The new switch board is between the metal plate and the indicator light display board. The hole corresponding to the indicator light of the display board must also be punched on the printing board. This move ensures that the light-emitting tube of the display board passes through the printed board.


The display signal can be seen from the panel. There must be a certain distance between the circuit and the two boards to prevent short circuits.


Embed the prepared printed switch board in the small hole corresponding to each push button switch and the metal plate, so that the top of the button is parallel to the surface of gold moon board.


If it exceeds the surface too high, the outer panel film will recover. After that, the switch will be pressed. It cannot be used anymore. If it is too low, the switch will not be in place. It cannot work when pressed by hand.


After the broken switch board is embedded, use the rubber pad to flatten it again. The left glue is dried and pasted on the metal plate, and finally the outer protective film of the panel is restored to the original state.


After the refitting is completed, the refitted switch board has a very good operating feel. There is a clear sound of shrapnel when pressing the button, which gives you an intuitive feeling of switching on and off.


If there is a problem with a certain switch during application, it can be directly judged and replaced by the sound of the shrapnel of the button.


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