Color Design of Membrane Switches

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May 31, 20239960

Color Design of Membrane Switches

Membrane switch integrates switch function, panel decoration, display window, indicating window hole, switch connection and lead-out line, as well as the text and symbols to be marked on the conventional panel. It conforms to the trend of electronic products to multi-function, miniaturization, intensive and intelligent development because of small size, light weight, comprehensive functions, novel appearance, convenient assembly and low cost. As a result, the component is favored by the electronics, machinery, shipbuilding, aerospace industry and other fields of all ages.


Color design gives people first impression. It even improves product competitiveness and creates added value. Let's see graphic overlay, good color is the common wish of any designer, manufacturer and customer. In industrial design, a competent designer can successfully make the color to be recognized by most people's aesthetics. The single color does not matter whether it is beautiful or not. The coordination of colors is the most basic condition for obtaining the beauty of colors.


1. When talking about color design of graphic overlay, the coordination of the color and the whole machine must be considered first. Why is it The graphic overlay is not an independent product. It still needs to cooperate with the whole machine to form a complete appearance.


2. For the coordination with product attributes, the color of the industrial graphic overlay should be simple, fresh, dignified, and elegant. So the color should not be too much, and the particularly bright color should be treated with caution. The area should not be too large, and it should not compete with the base color. At the same time, the environment in which the instrument is in should be considered.


For example, the environment where medical instruments are in is clean and peaceful. We should choose light colors, such as pearl color and milk yellow. Most of the civilian complete machines are household electrical appliances. They not only reflect the practical value in life, but also are the exhibits of the household material combination. Stiff style is bad. luxurious, gorgeous and elegant style is appropriate.


3. Pay attention to the scientific nature of color, that is, the coordination between color and the function of the whole machine. Electronic products are the epitome of multidisciplinary application technology. The correct choice of color also means you understand it. Different colors have different wavelengths, and the impressions and positions they create on the human retina are also different.


For example, red has a long spectrum in the visible spectrum. It forms the deepest position in the retina, which is easy to attract people's attention and excitement. So red is suitable for use in the most important mark. Green has the feature of centered wavelength. Human vision has the strongest resolution for it. So green is suitable for subtle marks, numbers or curves. For the display screens in intelligent instruments, ship command and control systems, transparent colors with similar wavelengths to the light-emitting indicating elements are good, so that light wave matching makes the luminous characters more refreshing.


4. Coordination between colors matters. Two or more colors are mixed together. The contrasting effect is used to enhance or weaken the color sense. Generally speaking, the color matching of the same color system is easy to obtain the coordinated effect. The neutral colors of different colors are matched with each other. The contrast is not so strong, and it is easy to get good results.


The change of color is infinite. It is not a simple combination of colors, let alone a purposeless stacking and matching.


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