Christmas Season In JRPanel! --- Gifts Are Ready!!

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Nov 22, 20213932668

Christmas Season In JRPanel! --- Gifts Are Ready!!

2021 Christmas is approaching! We believe every one of you is looking forward to it, in such a special year. 

JRPanel will celebrate this Christmas with every JRPaneler around the world. 

We have prepared exquisite Christmas gifts for custmers who place order in JRPanel.

We designed several different ornaments, full of Christmas elements, including Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, Christmas Elk and so on. You can place them on your table or hang on the Christmas tree to add a Christmas atmosphere. The following is the physical effect.  Let's check it now! 

We sincerely hope to be part of your Christmas!

For new reigisters, you can also get a welcome coupon of $20. 

Come and place your order!

[ Note: each customer can only get 1 set Christmas gifts. ]

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