Brief Introduction to Flat Spiral Coil Inductors

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Brief Introduction to Flat Spiral Coil Inductors

Hi guys! Today JRPanel would like to share a few points about Flat Spiral Coil Inductors with you.

Basically, a flat coil inductor is an inductor wound with flat copper wire. The picture below is the side view, we can see that each circle of copper wire is arranged very compact.

Here are some of the application characteristics of flat coils:

1. High current inductance

2. Lowest DC resistance         

3. Can ensure smooth drop of current-resistant inductance

4. Suitable for reflow SMT process

5. Lead-free, RoHS compliant

This pciture shows a flat coil product. 

It is generally used in power supplies, personal computers and other handheld electronic devices.

Advantages of Flat Coil Inductors are:

1. Scientific and reasonable space design.

2. Tight and flat between turns ensures the effective cross-sectional area of the wire, which greatly reduces the copper loss and increases the temperature rise current of the product.

3. Flat Coil Inductors offer superior shielding over conventional chip inductors. The shape of the core matches the coil design, reducing magnetic field leakage to a minimum.

Core airgap can be adjusted at will to allow for higher current shocks.

4. The coils have superb solvent resistance, thermal stability, radiation resistance, and freezing resistance.

In the actual manufacture and application process, we generally perform two kinds of tests on Flat Coil Inductors.

First, we need to test its resistance with a resistance meter, to make sure that the resistance value is within a reasonable range.

Next we measure the inductance and Q value with an inductometer. Q value, also known as the quality factor of an inductor, is the main parameter for measuring inductor components. It is the ratio of the inductor's inductance to its equivalent loss resistance when operating at a certain frequency of AC voltage. The higher the Q value of an inductor, the smaller its losses and the higher its efficiency.

Such an important parameter, JRPanel also has to ensure that it meets the customization needs of our user.


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