Application of Finger Vein Recognition Technology in Financial Payment

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Dec 30, 2020300

Application of Finger Vein Recognition Technology in Financial Payment

As smart phone applications become the norm, the development of mobile payment can be described as rapid. Prior to this, mobile payment mainly used fingerprint recognition technology, and then face recognition technology began to develop rapidly in the payment field.


Nowadays, in order to further improve payment security, finger vein recognition technology has also begun to be applied to financial payments. The vein recognition system currently used can obtain a personal vein distribution map through a vein recognition instrument, and then extract characteristic values from the vein distribution map according to a comparison algorithm, and store the information in a computer system to realize characteristic value storage.In vein comparison, only need to take the vein map in real time, extract the features from the digital image, and then use a complex matching algorithm to pair with the vein feature values stored in the host, so as to achieve the purpose of authenticating and confirming the identity of the user.


The error of vein recognition technology is only 0.0001%, which provides a safer and more efficient authentication method for the handling of financial services. It is reported that some foreign banks have taken the lead in launching finger vein payment services. The in vivo identification technology avoids the trouble of fingerprint embezzlement and makes it easier to buy.


Finger vein recognition technology is ushering in a key development opportunity, but facing the future, this technology must gain a broader market taste and a wider range of applications, integration with other biometric technologies, and other cutting-edge technologies The fusion will be an inevitable trend.


In recent years, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and other fields have developed rapidly. Combining these modern cutting-edge information technologies, the positive effect of vein recognition technology in the application field and framework upgrade will be very obvious, and this is also the realization of vein recognition technology. The key to the huge improvement in safety, intelligence, and fit.


The fusion application with other biometrics technology, that is, the "multimodal application" of the biometrics industry, is actually more common. Each biometric technology has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is obvious that a combination of multiple technologies can meet the needs of safer and more convenient use.

In the near future, with the continuous development of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, the integration and application of various biometric technologies will become more mature, and biometric products such as finger vein recognition will become more intelligent and comprehensive. , Convenience, access to a wider range of applications while being more secure, promoting further market growth.