Application of Face Recognition Access Control System in Smart Communities

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Jan 5, 2021240

Application of Face Recognition Access Control System in Smart Communities

2021 has arrived, but the clouds of the COVID-19 epidemic are still hanging over people. For the management of many open communities, the communities not only face complex issues such as large size and large permanent population, but also frequent population movements and complex personnel composition. In this case, the community or community managers must pay attention to these existing problems in a special period, and find ways to improve and solve them, so as to create a harmonious, healthy, safe control for the residents of the community.

With the development of society and the innovation of science and technology, now smart communities are gradually entering our field of vision. In the construction of the smart community, the face recognition access control system plays an important role in the smart community. We all know that in the process of building a smart city, we must first build a smart community, and the face recognition access control system plays a huge role in achieving smart management and smart services for the life of smart communities.

The reason why the face recognition access control system plays an important role is that the living environment and security of the community need the support of the access control system at all times. Only in this way can it provide owners and residents with more convenient and safer community services. In addition, the face recognition access control system can be used as a smart community combined with a smart home system, and can be deployed in all aspects of community life, so as to realize the intelligent connection of the entire community. Let's imagine this scenario:

For example, when relatives and friends and other visitors visit, the owner can be called through the face recognition access control integrated machine at the gate of the community. The owner only needs to use the indoor smart video access control terminal device or the APP on the mobile phone to confirm the relevant verification information such as the face and voice of the visitor, and the door can be opened remotely after verification. In this way, the steps of remotely confirming the identity of the visitor without actually going to the gate of the community to receive confirmation are realized. Isn't this the embodiment of "intelligence" in the smart community?

Certainly, in other daily life scenarios, such as homeowners and residents going home after commuting, shopping, grocery shopping, traveling, etc., then the facial recognition and access control integrated machine can accurately perform facial information comparison and recognition. The entire process of face recognition does not require owners and residents to deliberately carry additional items such as keys, access cards, etc., or contact, and cross-infection can be avoided as much as possible during the epidemic.In addition, the useful function of infrared temperature measurement can be added to the face recognition, which also plays a great role in epidemic prevention and control.

Therefore, the face recognition access control system in the management system of the smart community is an important part of the construction of the smart community. It not only greatly improves the management level of the community, but also realizes the intelligent management and service for the community. And it can greatly improve the efficiency of community operations, so that community residents and owners have a better and more secure life experience.