Application of Embedded Industrial Touch Screen in Smart Factory

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Nov 13, 202011900

Application of Embedded Industrial Touch Screen in Smart Factory

For industry 4.0 solutions, the smart factory is an important direction, which is distributed through a network of manufacturing facilities, group of synthetic intelligent production systems, intelligent production process.


The smart factory, mainly involves the production logistics management of the entire enterprise, human-machine interaction, and the application of 3D technology in the industrial production process. In order to realize smart factories and smart production, it is necessary to consider the intelligent transformation of existing factory equipment, and use wired and wireless integrated networks to break the barrier between the production network and the office network. In this process, it is necessary to focus on the security risks brought by the opening of equipment and networks, and provide end-to-end security guarantees. At the same time, in order to realize intelligent manufacturing, the large amount of data generated by equipment and production processes must be effectively used to build an advanced manufacturing cloud platform, provide big data analysis and processing of production data , optimize production processes, ensure product quality, and improve production Efficiency and production safety.


The micro-embedded smart factory solution uses a variety of network technologies to effectively coordinate short-range wireless communication and wide-coverage wireless communication, and also integrate wireless and wired networks to achieve seamless access, and finally unify the smart factory network , effectively guarantee the data exchange between equipment and equipment, equipment and manufacturing cloud data center, and provide a network foundation for smart factories. At the same time, micro-embedding can provide a service-oriented, flexible integrated manufacturing cloud solution to provide a strong ICT infrastructure guarantee for the big data analysis, storage and calculation of the manufacturing industry.


In addition, in the manufacturing field, construction machinery is also a big market. At present, construction machinery is facing a huge opportunity to transform to service. According to statistics, in the current developed markets in Europe and America, the service sales of factory machinery account for up to 70%, while in the Asia-Pacific region led by China, the service sales of construction machinery account for only 30%. It is estimated that by 2016, the scale of China's construction machinery service market Will reach 160 billion US dollars. In the process of transforming construction machinery to service, predictive maintenance is the current hotspot. It reports the current location, operating data, and operating status of construction machinery to the manufacturers maintenance center in real time, and performs fault modeling and data analysis for engineering.

The efficient use of machinery provides guarantee. At present, most construction machinery in China have realized GPS- based positioning function, and manufacturers can realize simple positioning and data collection for construction machinery based on this function. However, for predictive maintenance, it is necessary to provide more real-time data transmission. In this regard, micro-embedding can integrate the sensor network on construction machinery equipment, the on-board sensor network of construction vehicles, and the wireless network of operators and construction machinery. The field networks of the distribution centers are seamlessly connected, and the terminals and sensors are effectively managed through a unified IoT connection management platform to ensure the reliability of data connections.


In the recent period, the field of foreign construction machinery science and technology has been guided by electronics and information technology . It has conducted a lot of research in computer fault diagnosis and monitoring , precise positioning and operation, engine fuel control, and ergonomics. A matching software and hardware control system for construction machinery has enabled construction machinery products to move forward in the direction of informatization and intelligence, improved the high-tech content of construction machinery, and promoted the technological development of the construction machinery industry.


Bulldozer operation control and guidance system. Some powerful foreign companies have adopted advanced navigation systems based on GPS technology and digital map technology. An embedded touch computer is installed in the cab, which can display the position of the machine in the work area and the actual work area in real time. The gap between the value and the design value and related information, even an inexperienced driver can effectively complete requirements such as slope operations. Some new products can realize the precise control of the slope, and the visual display system in the cab guides the driver to work accurately, and the accuracy can reach centimeter level. The onboard computer of the micro-embedded computer fault diagnosis system can evaluate the operating status of the machine based on the detection signals of various sensors and the expert knowledge base to predict possible faults; when a fault occurs, it will issue a fault information alarm or guide the driver to find and Troubleshoot. Diesel engine control management system Some new diesel engines are equipped with a single-chip microcomputer- based fuel injection control and engine optimal performance adjustment system, which can improve fuel utilization and ensure that the exhaust gas emitted by the engine meets the requirements of environmental control regulations. The system can also communicate with other devices through the CAN bus, so that the entire machine constitutes a complete management system, and is displayed and controlled by an embedded industrial panel computer. In addition, the shift control system automatically shifts gears according to the machine's driving speed and load status, and matches the engine speed with the operating conditions to achieve energy saving.


Because the control system can best directly reflect the humanized design concept, foreign construction machinery pays special attention to the coordination between the driver and the operation interface, and emphasizes the comfort of operation. Embedded industrial touch screens, text and graphic displays , wireless remote controls and multi-function operating handles are widely used, and the operating panel layout is reasonable. In the future, intelligent systems integrating hydraulics, microelectronics and information technology will become the mainstream development direction and be widely used in the product design of construction machinery; computer-assisted driving systems, information management systems and fault diagnosis systems will rely on microelectronics technology and information technology widely and continuous improvement; electronic monitoring and alarm system, the automatic gear change device to be widely used; for materials accurate digging (shovel), loading, carrying, the operation of the mounting construction machinery industry GPS positioning with a carrier Automatic weighing device. Based on the research of construction technology, and the comprehensive application of computer technology, microelectronic technology, information technology, wireless communication technology and automatic control technology as the means, various construction machinery groups (such as asphalt mixing plant for expressway construction, asphalt truck , Asphalt transfer vehicles and asphalt paving machines form a construction machine group) intelligent research will be launched one after another. 


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