Advanced Features of Intelligent Vehicle

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Jun 21, 20236240

Advanced Features of Intelligent Vehicle

Intelligent vehicle has a comprehensive system integrating functions such as environmental perception, planning and decision-making, and multi-level assisted driving. Computer, modern sensing, information fusion, communication, artificial intelligence, and automatic control technologies are all involved. It is a typical high-tech technology complex. Let's take a look at the functions of intelligent vehicle.


Vehicle without a driver


This kind of car does not need people to drive. Passengers only sit comfortably in the car and enjoy the high-tech achievements. How does that happen? Intelligent vehicle is equipped with TV cameras, electronic computers and automatic control systems. They are equivalent to the "eyes", "brain" and "feet" of the car.


There is a complicated computer program, so that the vehicle can "think", "judgment" and "walk" like a human being. It can automatically start, accelerate, The brakes can automatically bypass obstacles on the ground. In complex and changeable situations, the "brain" can adapt to the specific situation, and automatically choose the best solution. It directs the car to drive smoothly.


Vehicle's "eye"


That's the parking radar that we are talking about. It is divided into front radar and rear radar. It is composed of ultrasonic sensor (commonly known as probe), controller and display (or buzzer), which helps get over the defects of blind spots and blurred vision. The reversing video image installs a camera at the rear of the vehicle.


When the reverse gear is engaged, the situation behind the car will be displayed on the LCD screen of the central control or rearview mirror. It's worth mentioning that the panoramic camera is equipped with cameras on the front, rear, left, and right of the car, which displays the 360° environment around the car without dead ends.


The active cruise function (ACC) has become popular. It includes radar sensors, digital signal processors and control modules, which allows us to set the distance to the vehicle in front. The vehicle can automatically accelerate or brake to maintain the distance.


Unmanned intelligent vehicle will be an important symbol of the rapid development of automobile technology. With the rapid development of technology, we believe that in the near future, we can all experience the benefits of them. In fact, the ideal situation is that intelligent vehicles and smart roads combine together. The conditions for smart roads are not yet available, but we can stay tuned.


Assisted driving system


Some assisted driving systems have actually appeared and been widely used in cars, such as smart wipers, which can automatically sense rainwater and rainfall, and automatically turn on and stop. For automatic headlights, when there is insufficient light at dusk, it can be turned on automatically. The smart air conditioner controls the air volume and temperature of the air conditioner by detecting the temperature of the human skin. The blinking of the driver's eyes can determine whether he is very tired. It stops the car and calls the police if necessary.


The wide application of computer technology provides a broad prospect for the intelligentization of cars.


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