9 Applications: Printed Circuit Board And New Energy Vehicle

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Sep 20, 20233800

9 Applications: Printed Circuit Board And New Energy Vehicle

Over the years, new technologies have been introduced in vehicle manufacturing. These innovations have brought significant changes to the industry and promoted the development. Among them, automotive electronic printed circuit boards (PCB) are popular in vehicles. They play an important role in providing mechanical support and electrical connections for different components of the vehicle.


As electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles become popular, there is an increasing demand for automotive PCBs, which must have high reliability, durability and high quality to ensure safe driving. In fact, those PCBs not only improve vehicle performance and operational safety, but also bring a better driving experience. PCBs that play such an important role must be carefully designed and manufactured to ensure high industry standards.


Printed circuit boards have a wide range of applications in the automotive field. Let's talk about 9 of those.


1. Security system


You can see PCBs in a car's safety system. They are used in airbag deployment rate sensors to help detect collisions and trigger airbag deployment. In addition, they are also used in anti-lock braking systems (ABS), stability control systems and vehicle dynamic control systems.


2. Car entertainment system


PCBs are also important in vehicles' audio and video entertainment systems. They are also used in multimedia navigation systems, rear-seat entertainment systems, which provides high-quality audio and video experiences.


3. Electric control system


With the development of electric vehicles, printed circuit boards play a key role in the control systems. They are used in battery management systems (BMS), electric drive systems, charging control systems, etc. They ensure safe operation and efficient performance of electric vehicles.


4. Dashboard and control unit


There are printed circuit boards in automobile dashboards and control units, including speedometers, tachometers, fuel indicators, temperature controls, etc. They transmit information from various systems in the vehicle to the dashboard for driver monitoring and control.


5. Vehicle communication system


Modern automobiles are increasingly dependent on advanced communication technology, and printed circuit boards play an important role in in-vehicle communication systems. They are used in bluetooth connections, wireless networks and GPS navigation systems. Those make vehicles and external devices connect and communicate with each other.


6. Engine control unit (ECU)


Let's talk about engine control units. It's the key component that controls engine performance. The ECU communicates and controls various components of the engine through sensors and actuators on the printed circuit board to ensure efficient engine operation.


7. Lighting system


PCBs are used in car light control units, LED headlights, interior lighting systems, etc. to provide efficient and energy-saving light.


8. Control modules and sensors


Here are control modules and sensors, such as air conditioning control modules, brake control modules and reversing radar sensors. They monitor vehicle status and control corresponding functions.


9. Charging piles and charging equipment


As electric vehicles become popular, the demand for charging equipment is also increasing. Printed circuit boards are in charging piles and charging equipment, controlling the charging process, monitoring current and voltage, etc.


Generally speaking, printed circuit boards are widely used in the automotive field. These applications demonstrate the important role of printed circuit boards in improving automotive performance, safety and user experience.


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