7 Steps to Customize Membrane Switches

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May 14, 20243740

7 Steps to Customize Membrane Switches

Membrane switches are customized products. If you don't know much about them, it's easy to buy low-quality products. Now, let's talk about how to quickly customize membrane switches.


1. Confirm the specifications and materials


The first thing is to confirm the specifications of the membrane switch, such as size and shape. Then, choose materials according to the environment in which the membrane switch is working.


JRPanel chooses genuine PC or PET as the recommended material. PC has a wide range of uses. It is resistant to weak acids and alkalis, and it's cheap. Just choose PC if there are no special requirements. PET is more expensive, but has long service life. It is more glossy. PET matte is suitable for outdoor use.


PVC is another choice, but JRPanel does not recommend it. PVC is not environmentally friendly, and has poor performance. So PVC membrane switches are of poor quality, and are easily damaged.


2. Glossy / matte surface of graphic overlay


Next, confirm whether the surface material of graphic overlay is glossy or matte. Generally, for LCD, if high light transmission is required, it is recommended to choose glossy. For only digital tubes and LED leads, either glossy or matte surface is OK, but matte surface is better. The matte material is more wear-resistant, and has longer service life. It is not easy to be scratched. JRPanel recommends PET fine matte for outdoor use.


3. Waterproofness


You need to check whether it needs to be waterproof according to the usage environment. Membrane switches have to be waterproof when they are in humid places with a lot of water vapor, such as next to the sink.


JRPanel can produce IP67 inlaid waterproof membrane switch with a sealed waterproof frame embedded in the periphery. It is printed with carbon paste and insulating oil. The circuit tail is covered with tape to provide good protection. This ensures that it will not be immersed in water in a short period of time. The waterproof performance can meet some high requirements.


4. Metal dome or die pressing


Next, you need to confirm the button type according to tactile feel. There are metal dome and embossed key.


Metal domes are embedded under the key. When pressed, they have tactile feedback. Metal domes can be pressed for more than 2 million times, and there is no need for a mold.


On the other hand, die pressing is the thermal bulging. Embossed keys can be pressed for more than 5 million times. Bulk orders require line punch production.


Both key types are popular. You can choose what you want.


5. Back adhesive and silkscreen printing


Back adhesive is very important for membrane switch. JRPanel provides 5 kinds of genuine 3M adhesives. You can choose appropriate back adhesives that suits your products.


JRPanel is good at silkscreen printing, and the finished pattern has higher color quality and brighter colors than UV printing, making it more suitable for long-term display. For bulk products, the price-performance ratio will be great.


6. Delivery method


The delivery method is also a factor that matters. We cooperate with DHL to ensure that the finished products can be delivered to you as soon as possible.


7. After-sales service


Choose a manufacturer with good after-sales service. Our ERP management system for orders tracks the production process in real time. For any quality issues, you can feel free to provide feedback at any time. We will respond as soon as possible, so that you have no worries.


If you have any questions, or want to know more, you can directly contact Erin. JRPanel welcomes customers to visit the factory directly at any time.


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