7 Disadvantages of Acrylic


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7 Disadvantages of Acrylic

Acrylic is a type of transparent thermoplastic with high transparency, toughness and impact resistance. The light transmittance can reach 92%. It also has good processability. Due to these properties, acrylic is widely popular in various fields such as construction, furniture, automobiles, etc.


You can see acrylic everywhere in daily life. However, just like any other material, acrylic has its own disadvantages.




1. Easy to scratch


The surface of acrylic is easy to scratch. If it accidentally hits hard things or sharp objects during use, there are scratches, which shortens the service life, and makes product ugly. To prevent this, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary.


2. Easy to age


Acrylic is prone to aging due to long-term exposure to light and oxidation, manifested by yellowing of the surface and brittle texture. This breaks the toughness and strength, and even cause it to crack. In order to delay the aging, you can try to avoid long-term light and high temperature environments. In addition, keeping acrylic products clean and dry can also help slow down aging.


3. Not resistant to high temperatures


Acrylic is easily deformed at high temperatures, which limits its use in some high-temperature environments. For example, you need to be careful when using acrylic products in high-temperature places such as kitchens or bathrooms. In order to prevent deformation, avoid placing acrylic products in high-temperature environments.


4. Easily deformed


Acrylic is easily deformed under large temperature differences. You need to pay attention when using acrylic products in alternating hot and cold environments. In order to reduce deformation, try to avoid placing acrylic products in environments with large temperature differences.


5. Not resistant to acid and alkali


Acrylic is susceptible to corrosion in acid and alkali environments, which will lead to bad appearance and performance. Therefore, when using acrylic products, pay attention to avoid contact with acid and alkali substances. In order to those corrosion, avoid contacting acrylic products with things like detergents, soaps, etc.


6. High cost


Acrylic is more expensive compared to some other materials. This may increase the cost of some products using acrylic materials. To reduce costs, consider using other less expensive materials instead of acrylic.


7. Poor environmental protection


Acrylic may cause environmental pollution during the production process. In addition, if discarded acrylic products cannot be properly disposed of, they will have a certain impact on the environment. In order to protect the environment, the use of disposable acrylic products should be minimized, and try to choose recyclable acrylic products. At the same time, pay attention to environmental protection during the production process.




Although acrylic has those disadvantages, we can effectively overcome these problems if we know this material well. When using acrylic products, we take appropriate measures to protect and maintain them. At the same time, pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. With reasonable use and proper maintenance, acrylic products can exert their unique advantages.


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