6 Points of Graphic Overlay Design

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6 Points of Graphic Overlay Design

Membrane switches manufacturing cant be carry on without graphic overlays. The material selected for the panel would possess the characteristics of high transparency, high ink adhesion, high elasticity, and folding resistance. Generally, graphic overlays are made of exquisite patterns and texts on silkscreen printing of colorless transparent sheets, such as PET and PC.


As a professional manufacturer and supplier from China, JRPanel knows how to design and produce trustworthy graphic overlays. There are several points of designing this kind of element. Lets talk about it.


1. Keys/Buttons


Keys or buttons of membrane switches are different from those of discrete components. They are subject to the overall design. The shape can be round, rectangular or any shape you needHere is a point. For the corners of the buttons, it needs to be designed as a fillet, not a sharp corner, so as not to damage the material when be embossed. Keys on panels have greater strain and sensitivity than discrete components.


Generally, a rectangle keys are more popular. Although there is no uniform specification for the key size, it should be suitable for application, symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing.


2. Transparent Window


The graphic overlay is produced of transparent polycarbonate (PC) or PET. It comes into an integrity with the instrument. Digging holes is not necessary. This is a merit that metal panels don't possess.


There are two types of transparent window holes. One is display window. It displays the indication parameters of the components. The other one is indication window. It applies to the light-emitting diode (LED) indication, and provides the execution status of the operating elements.

3. Layout


At the beginning of the graphic overlay design, it is necessary to recognize what electronic equipment it applies to. For example, we often control the washing machine through the membrane switch. As a result, the panel color should be in line with the color of the washing machine.


In addition, the layout should be designed according to usage habits. If one button is pressed frequently, it should be designed bigger than the other. The layout should be reasonably according to the actual situation.


4. Color


The graphic overlay is mainly made of PC or PET. We take the pattern and text on the sheet through the silkscreen printing. It is free to choose the desired color, which is hard to come true in the appearance of traditional metal panels.


Therefore, when we design the panel, we focus on the product characteristics without the application category. The color can be reasonably selected according to esthetics. This is an advanced and scientific design concept.


When talking about colors, some of them are common. White, black, gray, blue and cyan are all OK. Do not choose colors such as fluorescent green, flame color and ochre. As long as it does not deviate from the normal beauty, the designer write his own ticket.


The modulation ratio of the ink is the main reason for the serious color deviation. Too strict color requirements and too small color scale are all pain in the head.


5. Pattern


The graphic overlay generally has no external components. It uses color blocks to represent the simulated keyboard or components. For this reason, the pattern can be directly marked on the color blocks of the function keys.


In addition, the selection of patterns should also take into account the characteristics of the screen printing process. Patterns are related to aesthetics. The pattern size cannot exceed the range of the panel. It is better to be about 2/3 of the area. In addition, it's good that the pattern and the product get along well.

6. Text


Text is the medium for operating functions. It directly shows the function of the equipment to people, or explains of the instrument performance. When discrete elements are popular in the past time, the panels usually label the text to the left of the discrete element. The graphic overlay typically has no external components. Those colored blocks can represent simulated keypads or elements. Therefore, the text can be marked directly on the colored blocks, which is more convenient for people.


If the text size is small, fonts with thin strokes are not good choices. Instead, we use black body or other bold ones. Those fonts integrate into the whole design style. The reproducibility is also good. Other fonts can be used as the name, model or manufacturing unit of the instrument and equipment.


7. Other Items


When a large number of graphic overlays are on the delivery, don't let them stay flat when packing, but to be erected. You know the reason? It effectively prevents the keys and buttons from being damaged under heavy pressure for a long time .


When we store and place graphic overlays, it must be dust-proof and moisture-proof. We have to ensure that there is no strong acid, strong alkali, other corrosive gases and substances around. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job of preventing pests.


The front and back of graphic overlays are generally covered with transparent films to protect surfaces or display windows from being scratched. Those protective films should be kept.


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