15 Major Trends in LOGO Design in 2021!

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Jun 28, 202119040

15 Major Trends in LOGO Design in 2021!

The well-known design website LogoLounge summarized the LOGO design trends in 2021 from 35,000 new LOGOs.

Let’s talk about 3 major trends first:

  1. Under the influence of foreign epidemics, design companies have become polarized. Some companies have become busy while others are completely unattended. Freelancers get more private work, and remote design has become more popular.

  2. Brand design pays more attention to storytelling. Designers are hired to tell stories and create value.

  3.  More brand designs are in the RGB world. The LOGO is displayed on the screen more times than on the paper.

Then let's talk about 15 design trends:

01 Star pattern

With the application of stars by some successful brands, star patterns have gradually taken root in the graphic language of designers. Although Wal-Mart and other big brands have been using star patterns for more than a decade, the recently popular star patterns are more flexible and have changes, including five-pointed stars, octagonal shapes, which imply flowers, stars, sparks, and so on.

Star pattern

Star pattern

02 Turning curve

This may be one of the most interesting trends this year, like a ribbon or a route, the most advantageous visual point is where it turns. The Bancontact logo is a ribbon twist, exposing its golden side. Eisbach used an almost identical change, and the logo formed a trio of waves.

Turning curve

03 Kaleidoscope

In 1974, Burton Kramer designed the groundbreaking kaleidoscope logo for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. People call it "explosive pizza" less religiously. This design has influenced a new generation of designers.

04 Tape

We are not sure whether this design approach is progress or retreat. Designers design the LOGO in the same way as tape and thread. This method mostly reflects a lazy attitude, but at the same time eliminates people's guard, making the brand more approachable.


05 Transparent layering

Even when displayed on an RGB screen, too many subtle color changes are a challenge. Especially when the logo is reduced, his effect may be poor. However, there are still many successful cases of this style, and many customers also like this design effect.

Transparent layering

06 Graphic combination

This LOGO design is actually more like a graphic design, and consumers are used to a large number of symbols and graphics. This design poses the ultimate challenge to designers, using the simplest graphics to embody a brand.

 Graphic combination

07 Quadruplets

Many things in life appear in 4 forms, such as Four Seasons and CMYK. This year's designers especially like to divide a square neatly into quarters, and then find a way to add the initials of the brand, or the concept of the brand.


08 Semicircle

Most designers who use this style pursue an artistic journey, not speed. All the graphics use semicircles as elements and alternately arranged like chains. This is a very simple way to make the design more rhythmic.


09 Multiple fonts

Fonts can be easily manipulated into various weights and widths, which has so much charm in the visual presentation of the transformation that takes place. When the LOGO is static, it will not be so attractive.

10 Fusion

We have all seen raindrops merging on glass. One drop of water merges with another drop of water under the action of gravity, until it forms a water column and rushes all the way, swallowing every drop of water. Once two or three drops of water may become a flood. These signs represent the amplification of power or energy, and give consumers more imagination.


11 O type LOGO

For designers, there is probably no more perfect graphics than O. We can create different logos by adjusting the thickness and color of the ring. The gradient makes O one of the most popular graphics.

O type LOGO

12 Breaking Newton's laws

Even Newton did not expect designers to add motion stripes or visual vortices to accelerate the rotation of a stationary object in the mind of consumers. This breaks Newton's law of motion, "a stationary object will remain stationary." Those brands that want to reflect the sense of movement but not lose stability are suitable for this LOGO design.

Breaking Newton's laws

13 Dog tags

This design arranges all the important attributes of the client on a small metal diamond limited to 72 characters. The difficulty lies in screening which is the most important information and categorizing it. For customers, these signs are simple and very practical, straightforward and honest.

dog tag

14 Etching

This style can break through the brand's quality and sense of age. The exquisitely carved logos and emblems have been circulated or newly made as handicrafts of another era for millions of years, and this design style is still popular until this year.


15 Line extension

A dot, viewed from another angle, may be a dash. The point of view and the angle of thinking depend on everything, conveying a sense of expansion, hope and extension.

Line extension


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