large-screen Melting Thermometer-Membrane Switch

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Dec 2, 202013742

large-screen Melting Thermometer-Membrane Switch

The large-screen melting thermometer is a high-precision special instrument developed for rapid measurement of the temperature of molten metal in the melting process of smelting, casting and other industries.

The instrument is based on a single-chip microcomputer, adopts high-precision measuring sensors, and adopts a variety of intelligent processing technologies to ensure long-term stable operation of the instrument. The instrument is matched with a suitable thermocouple to perform precise and rapid temperature measurement in various occasions.

Application field

1. A high-precision special temperature measuring instrument specially developed for smelting, casting and other industries to quickly measure the temperature of molten metal during the smelting process
2. The instrument and the corresponding thermocouple can be used for rapid and precise temperature measurement in various melting situations such as molten steel, molten iron, copper liquid, aluminum liquid, and zinc liquid.


1. Use a 5-inch large display (character height 128mm) to display, suitable for long-distance reading
2. The temperature measurement value is automatically maintained, and the indicator light and the electric bell sound synchronously prompt the end of the temperature measurement
3. Alarm prompts such as burnout, over-range, power under-voltage, etc.
4. On-site operation can be monitored in the right area, which is convenient to strengthen the internal management of the enterprise
5. High-speed anti-disturbance industrial single-chip microcomputer processes data, and has strong anti-disturbance ability. When the intermediate frequency furnace is energized and smelted, the temperature can be measured in the furnace without power off.
6. High-precision high-speed A/D converter, fast speed and high precision.


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