475 Field Communicator-Membrane Switch

Label:Control Panel, Touch Screen, Graphical Interface, Devices

Oct 20, 202015700

475 Field Communicator-Membrane Switch

The design concept of the 475 Field Communicator is to simplify your work in the field. Users can experience the intuitive color graphical interface when operating HART and FF fieldbus devices. Its control panel is larger than a PDA or handheld computer, supports HART protocol versions 5, 6 and 7 (including WirelessHART) devices, and can be upgraded via the Internet.

The touch screen adopts transmission reflection technology, so that you can read information clearly whether in the sun or in ordinary light. The introduction of the multi-layer backlight adjustment function ensures that the screen can be clearly readable in different light conditions, even in the dim light of the factory area.


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