Water Mixing And Metering Unit

Label:Water Mixing, Metering Unit

Jun 1, 20235942

Water Mixing And Metering Unit
Baktec’s digital models are provided with the Injection-Mixing-Flow (I.M.F.) system, a revolutionary solution, whereby each water supply (hot, cold and/or chilled) is individually and continuously controlled. This highly reliable system is extremely fast and reaches the required temperature within seconds, with a maximum tolerance of 0,4°C! All digital models are equipped with an automatic pre-run, to guarantee only the required temperature is added to the dough. With one press of a button, only the coldest water available will be dosed. The automatic standby saves up to 80% energy. These models have totally renewed hard- and software, equipped with the latest innovative techniques and parts. Options: dough temperature sensor; relay for connection, e.g. to water pump or kneader.

For hot, cold and chilled water (3 inlets).
Dosing range 0.1 – 999.9 litres, adjustable on 0.1 litre.
Temperature range 1 – 80°C, adjustable on 0.1°C.
Water capacity (depending on the pressure) 25 l/min
Dimensions (l x w x d) : 40 x 36 x 14 cm
R?” connections, 220/230 V, 50/60 Hz


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