Vulcanizing Machine-Membrane Switch

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Oct 16, 202013260

Vulcanizing Machine-Membrane Switch

Vulcanizing machine is a machine that vulcanizes various rubber and plastic products. It has the functions of timing mold clamping, automatic pressure compensation, automatic temperature control, automatic timing, and time alarm. The vulcanizer is divided into three types: electric heating, steam heating and heat transfer oil heating.

With vulcanizing machine, you can carry out repairs in the tread, shoulder and sidewall areas from light truck to agricultural tires. This unique system utilizes a granular medium that will conform to every tread design, pattern, depth and tire profile. 

The surface temperature of the hot plate is uniform, the temperature control is accurate, the temperature controller can accurately record the temperature data, the pressure is stable and reliable, and the operation is safe and convenient. The pre-commissioning time for mass production of medium and high-end machines is short. The equipment has high reliability. 99% of the equipment on the market is manufactured on the premise of ensuring product quality, providing production efficiency, and obtaining significant economic benefits.

Heat mats concurrently are used to vulcanize both the injury channel and repair unit in a single step. The optional rubber track repair kit is available for repairs to any type of rubber track.


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