Vertical Baling Press-Membrane Switch

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Oct 15, 202013800

Vertical Baling Press-Membrane Switch

Vertical balers (also known as Vertical strapping machine) are characterized by vertical compression packs. Typically, this vertical bale machine has a small footprint, is manually bundled, and compresses the block from top to bottom. It can also be called a down-duty baler.

Vertical balers are widely used in textile manufacturers, warehouses, grocery stores and other waste recycling sites. The vertical baler is ideal for packaging clothes, broken fabrics, cardboard, cartons, coconut fiber, plastic bottles, metal beverage cans, shrink plastic bags, flexible packaging materials, textile fabrics, tires, etc. Vertical balers have large fluctuations in output, with yields ranging from 200kg to 15 tons per hour. Therefore, the application of vertical balers spreads all kinds of recycled materials and places.

The vertical baler can be a single hydraulic cylinder or a two-cylinder or multi-cylinder with pressures ranging from 10 tons to 200 tons. The amount of pressure and the number of cylinders depend on your waste recycling package. It is clear that a larger number of cylinders and a more powerful baler can pack hard, bulky and elastic materials such as tires. Its layout of the  has allowed switches, operators, and interlocks to be reduced by 50%, reducing maintenance costs.


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