Vertical Bagging Machine-Membrane Switch

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Nov 10, 202013200

Vertical Bagging Machine-Membrane Switch

The vertical packaging machine is fed by the material stretching and feeding device during the packaging process. The plastic film passes through the film cylinder to form a cylindrical shape, and the side is sealed by the hot vertical sealing device. At the same time, the package is injected into the bag. The standard photoelectric detection device cuts the length and position of the package.

High-sensitivity load cells can provide very accurate weighing. The three-stage feed weight hopper has large, medium and "dribbling" flow rates, each of which can be adjusted by a microprocessor. The extremely accurate vibrating feeder for "dribbling" feeding is available in the packaging, providing the highest weight control accuracy.

Just operate on the membrane keypad to set weight, the electronic computer system can automatically perform highly accurate weighing. The set weighing value, actual weight and measured quantity will be digitally displayed on the front panel.


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