Vacuum Spin Coater-Membrane Switch

Label:Semiconductors, Strong Acid, Controller, Rotation Speed

Oct 26, 202011840

Vacuum Spin Coater-Membrane Switch

The Vacuum Spin Coater is suitable for surface coating processes such as semiconductors, crystals, optical discs, and plate making. This machine can be used for coating film preparation of strong acid and strong alkaline coating solutions. 

The equipment generally contains two parts: a controller and a gel-spun processing chamber. Generally, there are prefabricated PLC program segments in the controller, and the common equipment on the market is quite different. KW-4A type simple controller, through the simple electronic control speed regulation technology, the rotation speed is simply divided into 2~3 gears, the low gear is used to shake off the glue, and the high grade is used for uniform coating. 


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