Vacuum Sausage Machine-Membrane Switch

Label:Filling Machine, Servo Motors, Casings, Automatic Production, Reduce Bacterial Survival

Nov 12, 202012880

Vacuum Sausage Machine-Membrane Switch

The vacuum sausage filling machine is a vacuum filling machine that integrates quantitative filling and high-speed twisting. The filling process is completed in a vacuum state, which can effectively prevent fat oxidation, avoid proteolysis, reduce bacterial survival, and effectively ensure the shelf life of the product and the product's bright color and pure taste.

Main Features:

1: The filling and twisting of this machine are driven by servo motors.
2: The man-machine interface, servo motor, reducer and PLC controller equipped with this machine are all imported parts.
3: This machine has a high-speed automatic kinking function, which is suitable for natural casings, protein casings and smoked casings. The kink speed can be adjusted steplessly according to different products and raw materials.
4: The kink speed can be steplessly adjusted according to the product and raw material.
5: The error of normal minced products does not exceed ±2g, and the error of normal block products does not exceed ±5g.
6: It can be connected with various punching machines to realize automatic production.


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