Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine-Membrane Switch

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Oct 14, 202013800

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine-Membrane Switch

First and foremost, an ultrasonic cleaner includes a tank to hold the water, solution, and object what is needed to clean. The container is generally made of stainless steel. The tank size determines how many objects it can clean at once.

It has an ultrasonic transducer to generate capitation. Transducer sits at the bottom of the tank. Also, it has a range of control switches. The system controls on-off time, cleaning time, pulse, sweep, temperature, and so on.

Ultrasonic waves propagate in the liquid, causing the liquid and the cleaning tank to vibrate together at the ultrasonic frequency. When the liquid and the cleaning tank vibrate, they have their own natural frequency. This vibration frequency is the sound wave frequency, so people hear the buzzing sound. With the continuous development of the cleaning industry, more and more industries and enterprises have used ultrasonic cleaning machines.

The critical factor of ultrasonic cleaning is the bubbles that are formed by high-frequency sound waves. These waves are created through the transducers and electronic ultrasonic wave generators.


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