Turbidity Meters-Membrane Switch

Label:Microprocessor, Measuring Instrument, Filtration Devices, Industrial Water, LCD Screen

Oct 19, 202012840

Turbidity Meters-Membrane Switch

The online turbidity analyzer has a built-in microprocessor, advanced configuration and powerful functions. It is a very precise turbidity measuring instrument.

 It is based on the 860nm infrared light source through the optical lens and penetrates the sample liquid. It measures the scattered light in the 90° direction according to ISO7027 Principle, this turbidity analyzer can be used to measure the turbidity of raw water or pure water on filtration devices in different places, such as drinking water, various production and industrial water, and any place where qualified water is required. 

The product has a compact structure, built-in backlit LCD screen, data memory, and relay control output (3 channels). The turbidity controller outputs 4-20mA isolated signals, which can transmit reliable data for any place where turbidity needs to be monitored and controlled.


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