Total Station-Membrane Switch

Label:Measuring Instrument, Automatic Angle Measurement, Communication Interface, Membrane Keyboard, Display Screen

Nov 12, 202014240

Total Station-Membrane Switch

Total Station is a high-tech measuring instrument integrating light, machine and electricity. It is a surveying and mapping instrument system integrating horizontal angle, vertical angle, distance (slope distance, horizontal distance), and height difference measurement functions. The total station came into being in the process of automatic angle measurement. Various electronic theodolites play a huge role in various surveying and mapping operations.

The total station can be used in almost all measurement fields. The electronic total station is composed of power supply part, angle measuring system, distance measuring system, data processing part, communication interface, display screen, membrane keyboard, etc.

With the continuous development and application of computer technology, as well as the special requirements of users and the application of other industrial technologies, a new period of development has emerged for total stations, with total stations with memory, waterproof, explosion-proof, computerized, etc. instrument.


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