Torbal AGN100 Analytical Scale

Label:Analytical Scale, Analytical Instrument

May 30, 20235260

Torbal AGN100 Analytical Scale

About this item

Automatic Internal Calibration keeps scale calibrated at all times
Send weighing data instantly to a PC via USB Interface
Easy to read Backlit Graphical LCD Display
User friendly with Step by step on-screen instructions

12 Configurable Weighing Modes and 9 Weighing Units

Product Description

100g x .0001g Class I Professional Analytical Balance with Automatic Internal Calibration which automatically calibrates the scale at start up, user defined time intervals, or with a simple push of a key. The AGN offers superior performance which make the balance ideal for even the most complex and demanding laboratory weighing applications. Built-in USB Interface, RS232, & PS2 ports allow for easy PC connectivity. Sending data to a computer is easily done through the Torbal Software Suite which is included with every balance. Graphical LCD Display, onscreen instructions, and intuitively arranged menus allow for out-of-the-box-use. Robust Die-Cast Metal Housing guarantees utmost durability and a long operating life. The AG features 12 weighing functions that include Parts Counting, Recipe Making, Dynamic & Animal Weighing, Percent Weighing, Totalizing, Compounding, and SQC Quality Control. Weighs in grams, kilograms, carats, pounds, newtons, grains, ounces, ounces troy, & pennyweight.


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