Thrombosis Detector-Membrane Switch

Label:Cerebrovascular Diseases, Blood Circulation, Thrombotic Factors

Dec 17, 2020163454

Thrombosis Detector-Membrane Switch

Thrombus detector, an instrument product used for the detection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The temperature controlled in the instrument is 37 degrees, which is the same as the human body temperature, and the speed of the instrument's rotation is the same as the speed of human blood circulation. Through the centrifugal technology of the instrument, the thrombotic factors carried in one ml of blood in the body are gathered together, and the length of the thrombus formed, the dry weight and the wet weight of the thrombus can be judged to determine the severity of the disease.

Main Features:

1.The temperature adjustment switch is added, which can manually adjust the detection temperature. The detection result is intuitive and the effect is obvious. It can detect 12 people at the same time;

2.It is suitable for the detection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, suitable for small and medium-sized hospitals, medical promotion, and free consultation.

Instrument Accuracy:

A standard 1.5ml venous blood is drawn, and the time from drawing the blood to placing the tested blood sample in the instrument does not exceed one minute. Start the tester to start the test. The accuracy of the test result reaches 98.89%.


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