Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge-Membrane Switch

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Oct 20, 202011120

Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge-Membrane Switch

The thermocouple vacuum gauge is a vacuum gauge that uses a thermocouple to measure the temperature of the hot wire to obtain the pressure value.

The thermocouple is formed by connecting two different metal wires. When the temperature of the two junctions is different, a thermoelectric potential is generated. The greater the temperature difference, the higher the thermoelectric potential. One junction of the thermocouple is in contact with the hot wire, and the other junction is at room temperature, so that after correction, the value of the thermoelectric potential can be converted to the value of pressure. Its pressure measurement range is 1~10-3pa.

Thermocouple vacuum gauge, based on the principle of constant temperature and convection, adopts stable thermocouple vacuum gauge tube and modern electronic devices, successfully extends the upper limit of measurement to atmospheric pressure, and makes up for the shortcomings of the pitot gauge. It is a thermal conductivity vacuum gauge. Wide application opens up new prospects.


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