Thermal Dilatometer-Membrane Switch

Label:Molten Metal, Inorganic Ceramics, Rate Controlled Sintering

Dec 7, 202014180

Thermal Dilatometer-Membrane Switch

The thermal dilatometer is to measure the dimensional change of the sample as a function of temperature or time under a certain temperature program and the load force is close to zero. It can measure various samples such as solid, molten metal, powder, paint, etc. It is widely used in the fields of inorganic ceramics, metal materials, plastic polymers, building materials, coating materials, refractory materials, composite materials, etc.

In addition to the standard measurement and analysis functions, the supporting software also provides a rate controlled sintering (RCS) option. According to the user's setting, the heating rate can be dynamically optimized and adjusted automatically according to the shrinkage rate during the sintering process. It can be used to control the sample shrinkage at a certain constant rate during the sintering process to optimize the sintering process.

Main Features:

1.No need for automatic furnace body lifting system, simple operation and cost saving;

2.The electronic automatic constant temperature measurement system ensures that the temperature drift of the measuring head is minimized, can meet the harsh environmental temperature, and make the measurement more accurate;

3.Automatic protection function, thermocouple damage protection technology and water flow interlock sensor protection technology, the furnace body power supply system is automatically closed.


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