Temperature Controller-Membrane Switch

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Temperature Controller-Membrane Switch

Temperature controllers are designed to maintain desired temperature levels, regardless of external conditions. Whether it needs to stay at one setpoint or exist within a range, these controllers ensure safety, reduce variability, and increase overall efficiency. Designed to fit into control panels, temperature controllers feature a number of control actions including PID, on-off, multi-loop, limit, proportional, and rate of ramp. With seemingly endless uses, temperature controllers are mostly utilized in commercial and industrial applications but can also be used in domestic applications.

Temperature controllers are arranged into control systems (also known as control loops) that consist of the control panel, any associated sensors, a power supply, the final control panel, as well as any necessary load handling devices.

As we know, temperature controllers seek to maintain the temperature at a preset point.

Sensors provide the input signal to the controller. Thermocouples and RTDs are the most common temperature sensors. Controllers use the output from these sensors and compare it to the setpoint.

The final control element refers to the device that acts upon orders from the controller. It can be a heater that is activated when the sensor finds a temperature lower than the setpoint or refrigeration equipment activated when the temperature is higher than the setpoint. Temperature controllers, certain sensors, and final control elements require power to operate. The control elements usually include a membran switch. A power supply is an integral element to control loops.

Control loops regularly feature additional instruments. Transmitters or signal conditioners are often used to isolate, filter, amplify, or convert a sensor input signal when conditions dictate it. Control loops also frequently include data acquisition devices for archiving information related to the process.


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